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Debt Collection & Recovery Melb

We make things simple.  If you want debt collection or debt recovery in Melbourne, call Collection Consultancy Australia.

We can do your debt collection and debt recovery with a no collect, no cost model.  There are no up front costs, no lock in contracts and you give us written approval before paying any costs for legals or searches.  If not, you do not pay!

We also specialise in accounts receivable collections – or cash flow management.  If you do not like following up your invoices, do not feel comfortable, do not have the time, let us do it professionally on your behalf.

We will protect your relationships with your clients while professionally organising to get your invoices paid.  From $25 per week for up to 10 invoices.

We also have access to professional and compliant process servers, repossession agents and specialist debt collection legal firms.

Contact us now for your debt collection, debt recovery, cash flow management solution in Melbourne, Victoria and all parts of Australia.


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