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Tradies who need advice on automation, finance, software or legal issues

Tradies and SME businesses.

If you have not got time to research some of the fields that will assist in either moving your business forward, getting time back in your business, increasing your cash flow, understanding the credit management and cash flow area, need legal assistance (by some one who specialises in debt collection, insolvency and credit management), business loans for SME, loan contracts, invoice financing, terms of trade – I have the knowledge or can point you in the right direction.

1.  Automated accounts receivable end to end software (automatic follow up your invoices)

2.  Tradies – Business Management Software

3.  Debt Collections

4.  Invoice Financing (get cash off your current invoices – no security needed)

5.  Loan Contracts – family, business to Director (vice/versa)

6.  Legal Advice – from specialist in the SME and debt collection, sale of your business, employment contracts, licence agreements, more

7.  Credit Reports, PPSR registrations, Property searches

8.  Business Loans – from small to 7 figures

I will talk you through where to look after understanding what it is that you really need.  Sometimes what you think you need after talking to someone unbiased there is another solution!  I provide a free chat on any of the above.  I ask you what you are trying to achieve, what you need and what may best help.  No fee unless you want me to do some work for you.  I will then give you a quote (written) and only charge after you have signed that you want to go ahead.  Other wise, I will get you links to automate the process yourself.

Call me 0401414123 or greg@collectionconsultancy.com.au

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