Cash Flow Management – Automate your Accounts Receivable – end to end software


The most important part of any business is cash flow. Yet many companies do not give it the consideration it deserves for reasons such as they do not have the time, the staff, the expertise or have not got their processes and systems right. Let Collection Consultancy Australia help that process for you.

We have a collaboration with an automated accounts receivable software company that does the process from end to end.  So you get a robust process that covers several reminders, several demands through to debt collection should they not pay.  We can even get you the legal advice and introduce you to our trusted sources should that be required.  We ALWAYS get your sign off prior to any additional costs are accumulated – so no “bill shock” or surprises.

The software makes everything automated and your whole process for the week will take 5-10 minutes.  It does not matter how many invoices you have – and our trusted debt collection agency network will follow the debts for you – all you need to do is press “send”!

It is fast, efficient and takes so much pressure and process off of you. You do not have to:


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