Debt Collection Training – plus Sales, Customer Services training and other skills


If you need any training for your team in debt collection, customer service, credit management, dealing with difficult or angry client, sales, writing business skills, give us a call.  We have over 25 years experience IN THE INDUSTRY.  We have sat all sides of the fence.  Provider, receiver, sales, client, consumer – Greg sees things uniquely in he takes in all parties requirements and with strategy and vision, shows how to get win/win results for all.

Training should not be done from a book – with years of experience we can show the real picture, real techniques and get real results.

Greg recently completed sessions on “Debt collection telephone techniques” and Debt Recovery techniques” in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea and had high reviews from the participants.

He has more training scheduled in for PNG plus Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Dubai UAE later in the year.

Training modules currently are listed but not limited to:

Debt Collection Telephone Techniques 2 day

Debt Recovery Techniques  2 day

Business Writing Skills – 2 day

Customer Service – 2 day

Basic Sales – 2 days

Debt Collection training is not just demanding money.  It is negotiation, it is strategy, it is empathy, there is some demanding but a well trained collector can keep the client relationship while still achieving the aim of cash flow movement.  Get the right debt collection training – not just a “by the book” how to guide.

Need your team trained in any facet of credit managment, debt collection or sales?

We’re available now – call, sms or email and solve your debt problems.

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