Liquidation Ledgers


Collection Consultancy Australia wants to work with liquidators to collect any ledgers that may be outstanding. We are extremely flexible in our attitude and costings. We will work with the liquidators and will have any funds banked to the liquidator rather than holding our self (we can use our trust account but our preference is to use yours).

For larger Insolvencies, we have access to several unique processes as well. We can have multiple boxes of files scanned and indexed for very reasonable prices. The documents then can be housed in a Secured SmartRoom with controlled access as to who can view any part of the process and/or documents.

This means that a liquidator can upload all the files and appoint a law firm, debt collector, auditor or other partner and give them access to the information that they require. Every entry is audited and recorded. A unique water mark is also on every page making auditing even more clear. Dependent on the users priority access, only documentation that they are authorised to see can be accessed. Searching for documents within the SmartRoom also becomes extremely easy and efficient.

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