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What you should expect from a collection/consulting agency

When you speak to an agency, you should always feel that you are being told the truth, that your opinion counts and you are being given ethical and professional responses.

Every agency has different price point structures and procedures. However, you need to know what you are getting for your money and that like any contract or deal be aware of any “hidden costs”?

As a rule questions that you need to ask are:

  • What is the commission rate? (a good agent will ask what debts you have, how many, how old they are, are there going to be on-going referrals, what the debts are for and even if you have historical recovery rates to base pricing on).
  • Is there any administration or up-front costs?
  • Are there any search fee costs? If so, what are they and when do you charge them?
  • Do I get advised prior to you doing any searches and do I get the option of going ahead after being advised costs?
  • If the agency is to take my file legal, will you advise me why, the costs and get me to agree in writing prior to doing anything?
  • If you going to do a consultancy, are the terms and conditions scoped out and agreed to prior to engagement?
  • Will I get reporting monthly on my portfolio? Will it cost me anything?
  • Are there any other add on costs in the process?
  • Will the agency put anything they agree to in writing?
  • Can the agency give you any references from legitimate contacts to their performance or character?

If you get positive responses to the above, you by rights should be on the right track. Collection Consultancy Australia stands behind our statement that we are ethical, professional and only want clients that have similar values and want to look for long term relationships. Whether it be for 1 file a year, a consultancy to check out your processes, setting up your accounts receivable department or a one off program, we will be consistent in whatever we do and expect to have you as a client because you are happy with our service and results.

Please contact us for a chat on any opportunities.


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