About CCA

Firstly, about CCA COLLECTION CONSULTANCY AUSTRALIA (CCA) is a credit management specialist Company.  CCA act with a difference in the debt collection industry. We are not out to make lavish predictions or to use buzz words. These just confuse you or excite you.  We want to help you.  CCA make what is generally a stressful subject as manageable and as seamless process as possible.

Our Director, Greg Trappett has been in the industry for over 20 years. Working with Publicly Listed Companies, Major Corporates, SME, working within a (Publicly Listed) agency.  But more importantly, sole traders, commercial recoveries and SME Businesses.  The most common thing he has found in debt collection is poor paper work, poor processes or lack of understanding.

We plan to assist you with making sure all of those bases are covered and that in the future you can be more certain of being paid.  Plus having the ability to recover should a client not do the right thing by you.

We are not out to make lavish predictions or to use buzz words that either confuse you or excite you .  We are here to help you.

Foremost, Collection Consultancy Australia (CCA) offers a full end to end process.  We help you with terms of trade, specific to your industry.  We also provide the right documentation so that you are in a position of control.  It gives you every chance of having a successful transition should anything go wrong.  You will be prepared!

We also provide a debt collection service that strives to make the process a mutually rewarding one. CCA offers a performance based commission structure that means we only earn commission if we get your debts paid. There are no joining fees, administration fees or charges for the letters we send out.

Collection Consultancy Australia (CCA) is mindful of our client’s reputation in the marketplace and emphasise customer service.  We want to protect your company’s product and both of our brands.

CCA manage collections from all industries. Our areas of specialty are in business to business debt collection, mercantile debt collection, consumer collections.  Commercial litigation and credit management. We also consult on all levels of the debt collection process, strategies, outsourcing, BPO, debt levels and debt sale.

When we talk about CCA, we base our business on honesty, mutually beneficial long term client relationships.  CCA strive for  professionalism and standing behind what we say. Every
deal will have written approval from our clients before any costs are raised.

Debt collection is only a small function of our business. Debt collection consultancy on any aspects of process, recovery, structure, analysing teams, and efficiencies.  We also introduce partners to your business.  After we have done an independent evaluation are all services that make up our Company.

Finally, please refer to our Products and Services or contact us directly through this site or any of the mediums that we have highlighted.

Our Team

At first, Greg Trappett is a well-respected and energetic professional with an expansive network of contacts and a reputation for ‘getting the job done’.

CCA has the ability to cut through and produce the right solution for both client and Company.  Developing the correct TERMS of TRADE for your business is the first step.

Regular commutes between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and the rest of Australia have been par for the course for over 20 years.  This gives great insight into what your businesses needs.

Collection Consultancy Australia (CCA) uses that knowledge and engagement to aid your business into having the right tools to form a legal relationship with your clients.  This puts you in a position that should something go wrong, you are in a position of strength by having legally enabling documentation to fall back on.

Greg has sound leadership and strategic business skills in Direct Marketing, Sales, Customer Relationship Management and Business Operations.  His tertiary skills gained while still employed doing a Masters in Sport Business, have aided his career path.

Foremost, he holds a very strong focus on building highly effective relationships.  Developing key stakeholders and creating an environment where innovation and personal contribution to the team must be encouraged.

Off the field, travel is a passion with highlights including getting off the beaten track and meeting new people and cultures. Some of his adventures include climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Kota Kinabalu and the Annapurna ranges in Nepal, Hsipaw and beautiful Myanmar (Burma), amazing Bhutan, meeting the Bwindi Gorillas in Uganda and D-Day commemoration in Hiroshima.

Specialties: Terms and Conditions of Trade, Debt Collection, End to end processes for business. Business Development, Sales, Strategic Planning and Client relationships.

Finally, Attitude: Finding solutions, getting the job done, to enjoy that feeling when you have worked with a client and made a difference. This is about my reputation so I stand behind it.

Paul Tweedie

Paul Tweedie

National Sales and Marketing Manager

Experienced Consultant with over 32 year’s experience helping SME’S manage their cash flow issues, both Domestically and Internationally. National Authority on Terms and Conditions, Subcontract Agreements, Privacy Policies, HR Packages, Employment Agreements, Independent Contractor Agreements, Website Terms of Use, PPSA Registrations and Business Loan Agreements. Ability to cut through and produce the right solution, no matter the application. A unique understanding of the challenges involved in operating an SME in this competitive environment, not only identify and understanding the needs of SME clients, but also able to provide a unique insight to teach others how to recognize those challenges and rise to meet the client’s needs.

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