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Is beer like debt

Saw a sign at Parkhill Cellars North Melbourne one night.  Beer makes you feel like how you want to feel without beer!  Until you have to much I suppose.  No one likes to feel like that.  

Weirdly, it made me then think about sales and debt.  Everyone wants that feeling when you get a sale.  A new client and a great contract.  You feel great!  The business you imagine is in great shape now and you have a very positive outlook on the coming months. It feels like you have had a few nice cold beers.  But if you have 20 beers, your head goes cloudy, your vision is blurred, your judgement is less than perfect and you start to feel sick.

Bit like when that contract has been going along and a progress payment is missed.  Then a phone number is disconnected.  Next up is a promise for a payment.  That never comes but another promise comes for a part payment. Then a request for more credit.  Because they are a great client and things are picking up with a new deal everyone will get paid in a week or two.  Ripper!!  2 more beers!!

Why do you suddenly feel sick again though.

2 beers = 2 debts.  They are just not the same!!  But with 2 debts that means they came from 2 sales.  How can that be wrong?  Why are we feeling terrible rather than good?

Moreover is beer like debt??  If you have one beer at a pub, even if it is not your favourite, it is probably going to not be that expensive and you feel ok?  However, if you didn’t really like it that much, you certainly would not go out an buy a carton of it – at full rates.

How do you still have a beer and feel good?  Spread them out?  Or only buy a 6 pac?  Finally make sure that you know what you are buying and how much it will cost.  With debt, it is the same.  Make sure who you are effectively lending money to!  See if you can control the amount, see if you can get a deposit and don’t just lend to anyone or everyone.

Then beer will be great after a sale and your debts are more likely to get paid.

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