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Commercial Debt Collection or B2B Debt Collection

It is always difficult to find someone who actually knows about Commercial Debt Collection. Many companies work on consumer debts and are very adept at putting pressure on individuals who generally have the main fear that they do not want their credit rating ruined. Or to be made bankrupt!

Commercial Debt Collection or B2B Debt Collection is some times considered harder but by otter’s more lucrative! Charging high commission rates can come into the equation as it is hard to find the right debt collection agency that is able to do the job for you.

It should not have to be that way. The basics are the same. Get in touch – ask the right questions – listen to the response and strategise a plan. Many times there is an issue that one party is either embarrassed about or angry about but prefer to avoid the situation rather than move forward and sort it out.

Having a third party (the debt collection agency) have that conversation is many times the ice breaker that is needed. The debtor in many cases will talk to the third party very openly as to what the issue is. If the situation is then negotiated and not gone at like a bull at a gate then resolution is not far apart.

If it is at an impasse, the debt collection agency needs to know when to pull back and offer alternatives. This usually means legal action but a good agency will advise the pros and cons, make sure that there is a good reason why they suggest legal or should be advising why they suggest it would be uneconomical or the position not favourable for the client.

B2B or Commercial debt collection is more negotiation than force and can in many cases be resolved if the right attitude, techniques and experience is used to find the equilibrium to the situation.

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