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Is it just me or does everyone these days have an opinion on how to do things right!  I look at the marketing strategies and people say to me “we have just moved into on-line marketing.  Our social media status is about to sky rocket”.  I then sit back and look at their target market and think that probably less than 5% of their target audience is on twitter or likely to be going to reach out to them because of a tweet”.

Then the marketers come to us with you need great, consistent content to get their attention.  The same marketers then bombard you with webinars (30-60 minute ones), emails, white papers, conferences and training to attend to.  And all I can think is if I tried to take in everything that they said starting Monday morning it would be the following Monday before I even get through it!  None of it will be actioned! You end up unsubscribing or deleting them as they drive you nuts telling you how to get people following you.  But can’t keep you following them!

HR geniuses tell us how to get a job!  Have an opinion!  Don’t do this, do that, highlight this, never mention that.  Then I think the biggest list I could find would be one telling horror HR stories!  I still find it humourous that HR stands for “Human” yet most HR and recruiters dont seem to have the slightest idea how to interact with humans!  People who would “eat” a role advertised don’t get an interview.  In most cases don’t even get an acknowledgement they applied even though they did exactly how the experts told them.  There are so many contradictions as well you just have to hope that the recruiter you are sending to has read the same article that you did.

If you know your business, you should be able to sit back and ask a few basic questions.

  • Who is my target market?
  • What is the demographic of the audience in that market?
  • How are those people interacting in todays market?
  • Have an opinion!

If you have a lawnmoving business in a local suburb with mainly older retired people around, I would not suggest you be using Twitter and Facebook as your main source of marketing.  On the other hand, if you have an on-line jewellery business I would not advertise in the daily paper or put a flyer up at a football club.

Too many of these articles try to cater for everyone.  This is the new age of doing things.  On-line marketing is real and get it right and the sky is the limit.  But think about those questions above and work out how you need to focus your campaigns and where.  If you work out that your target market is going to be best attracted via digital marketing and you don’t know enough about it, ask!  Find a few companies and ask them how to do things, what is required and the costs.  Also find out how to measure any results.  Just think it through.  Common sense will generally tell you if what you are being told sounds correct or someone is just flogging to you the latest fad but reality is your clients are where they always were and picking up the phone may have been the best option.

As Cash Flow Managers and debt collectors, I just can not see me picking up clients on Twitter.  Face Book “friends” are actually friends.  Great to have people “like” our debt collection page but really how many clients are going to trawl Face Book for a debt collector?  We may get someone see us via a friends like but it is not to me a great source for our type of business.  LinkedIn sees many people look at us and have the ability to see us so it is a great place to get our message out.  Google Ads is great as well.  It is horses for courses though so see what works for you and try and get inside your clients heads and think “where would they most likely look to find my business”?

If you have that answer, it is then finding the right solution in these new markets (or old) that will connect you with them.  People have an opinion.  Not sure whose are right though :)

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