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Insure your business to protect your cash flow

Insure your business!!!  People wont insure their business as they don’t want to out lay some money and upset their cash flow in the short term as “nothing has gone wrong so far”.


You insure your car “just in case”.

Most insure your house “just in case”

Many insure your life again “just in case”.

But for many businesses, they take no “insurance”, create safety nets or even check that they are not walking into a gun fight with a paper plate as protection. The PPSR is one of the greatest protections for a business but hardly anyone knows about it – and less use it.  I still have accountants even tell me that it is for securing vehicles and equipment.  You can secure your creditors for 7 years and become a secured creditor and not open to preferential payment claw back. Look at doing PPSR (registrations), have relevant terms of trade (AND GET THEM SIGNED!!!), do credit reports – those things above are helping insure your business “just in case”. #cashflow #collectionconsultancyaustralia #automate #needhelpcallme #insure #justincase


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