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Terms and Conditions are critical for any SME Business. SME Businesses need to have a legal relationship with their clients and this can be done by having comprehensive terms and conditions of trade. CCA can assist you in every step and help you in making terms of trade specific for your business.
Strong terms of trade make debt collection easier and payment of your transaction more likely.

Terms and Conditions are CRITICAL to your SME Business. You need to make binding legal relationships with your clients. We all want to trust our clients but if something goes wrong, their is a conflict, dispute then you need a documented agreement on what was agreed to. So why have you not got legally binding terms and conditions of trade?

1️⃣ You don’t have time and/or money for it.

“I don’t have the time – but I have been in business for years and no one has ever not paid.” The amount of times we have heard that and watched a good business go under. You must document in your dealings: ✔️ what you do and how, ✔️ who are your clients, ✔️ what are your obligations and those of your client, etc. This is what we do for you! Working on your Terms & Conditions of trade is investing in your business. Don’t and the consequences can be fatal!

2️⃣ Terms & Conditions means boring legal stuff.

You need terms & Conditions to contain legal clauses that are either mandatory or are there to protect your business. They lock in how you get paid, when you get paid and amongst other things separate liabilities. Those same terms and conditions also contain: ✔️ Financial provisions, i.e. payment, which is one thing your business needs 💰. ✔️ Operative provisions i.e. how you work (how you take orders, how and when you provide your service or deliver your product etc.) These provisions are essential as they define your business.

3️⃣ Nobody reads Terms & Conditions

While it might be true, Terms & Conditions are the reference document we turn to in case of misunderstanding or issue. You better pay attention then.

Make sure you have Terms & Condtions – a legal relationship with your client!

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