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Work Smarter, Not Harder with your Cash Flow

Small businesses cash flow is critical.  SME Businesses are feeling the pinch on their cash flow due to a tightening economy.  Nearly half admit they are undercutting their competitors by as much as 30% to win work.

A recent survey by services marketplace Service Seeking.com.au revealed that 42% of business owners have dropped their profit margins to keep their business afloat. If you are using these tactics, there has to be adjustments in other areas.  If you are dropping your revenue then you must look at costs.  How can you make cuts that will have a positive impact yet not drop service or quality? Automation and BPO (off shoring) can certainly give you relief from staff costs and give you greater efficencies.  Work flow process but you must make sure that service and quality does not get impacted. Many front line client interactions can be effected by bad IVR projects, accents that are hard to understand or so scripted that flexibility and common sense is impacted.

Done right though, you can have many positives out of the experience and impact positively on cash flow making it a win/win all round.

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