Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I have a debt?

If you have a debt and you need it collected, our process is simple. Read our terms and conditions and if you agree to the terms, sign and date them and send back to us. We then need a copy of the final invoice and any supporting documentation that will help us in the process. Items that will help are your own signed terms and conditions, credit applications, contracts and information on the customer.  Address, work place, work address, email address, phone and mobile numbers are all very helpful. Scan and send back to our email –

What do I do if I owe a debt?

If you owe a debt to someone or a company and either can’t pay?  Don’t know what to do or feel you have not got what you paid for, talk to us. Contact us now for a chat.  What ever medium you prefer.  Phone, email, SMS. We can discuss payment options, negotiation for or on your behalf, strategic plans or put you in contact with law firms that know debt collection and the processes.

What do I do if I think I may get caught with a debt? (You feel someone may not be going to pay you?)

Have you done a job and not done due diligence? Not bothered to get terms and conditions signed?  Do not have a credit application, contract or any director guarantees?  And now have second thoughts about who you are dealing with. Call us for a chat about what options you can take to help your position out.

What is the best way to protect myself from bad debts in the first place?

Have you got terms and conditions (that will hold up in court)?  Credit applications, directors guarantee forms and do you have a process?  And work flow as to when and how to follow up any outstanding debts to you? If not, call us to arrange a chat and we can help formalise all of this for you.

Collection Consultancy Australia can organise to set up the whole process.  From cradle to grave for you;

  • Prepare terms and conditions
  • Once executed, file and save for you
  • Assist with invoicing
  • Follow up invoicing for payment
  • Send reminder letters and make follow up calls for payment (as T&C’s stated)
  • Escalate to debt collection process if unpaid – as an agreed work flow at a trigger point.
  • Prepare and serve legal documentation

How do I collect my debts?

Do you have a formalised process? And do you have a work flow process documented? Who does the collection calls and letters? Does anyone oversee the process? Who assesses if the process is practical, efficient and seamless for your business? Are there any other options? Should you look at debtor invoicing (factoring) to assist cash flow? Please call us if you want to discuss any or all of this further. We can go over your business and advise you on what is required.

Can I get Collection Consultancy Australia to collect for me?

Certainly can.  As above, we can do the whole process for you or any part thereof. Discuss with us your requirements and let us take the angst out of the process. Our terms and conditions are very open.  We want long term clients.  And we believe the best way to do that is to get results. If we do not get results you have the option to take your business elsewhere.

Are my Terms and Conditions right?

If a customer decides that they are not going to pay you, are your terms and conditions going to hold up in court? Do you have terms and conditions (or a credit application or the like) at all? Are your deals in writing or just by a hand shake? Make sure that you are covered from the basics. Please call us to get an assessment of your terms and conditions.  Or for a quote on getting them updated or new ones!

Is my collections operation structured correctly? Are my processes and work flow models correct?

If you are a sole trader or a publicly listed company, having the right structure is always critical. Do you have the right people in the right places? Who is doing what role for you? Are they managing a team and are they managing them well? Is the team at capacity or underutilised? How many accounts does each collector look after and what recovery results are they getting per head? What is your “per desk” cost? Would outsourcing help the process? Call us to discuss the options and have an independent assessment.

How do I know if my staff are operating within the law and being efficient? How do I know if they are efficient and are they asking the right questions?

Are you and your team collecting within NCCP guidelines? Could they be breaking privacy laws? Possibly you are  breaking any other laws? Are your collectors asking the right questions? Do they even asking the basic questions? Many operators will make a call and talk to the customer but at the end of the call have not been able to advise an outcome and do not document what if any arrangement was made anyway. Call us to go over what to do and how to train your team in basic collection strategies.

Do I need a call centre for collections or sales and marketing? If so, how can I afford this?

If you think that you do, you probably do! But there are so many out there and you need to know what to look for when trying to engage one. Many also promise “low costs” but do not deliver on regulatory laws or performance.  And may have “additional costs” that will go through the roof. We can assist in assessing your needs and then putting you in touch with reputable companies. CCA can secure fully loaded seats (all costs, training, telephony etc.) for sufficiently less than an Australian call centre. We can also look at blended models of having offshore and onshore facilities.

'Devil’s Advocate' – is my business model right for collections, credit and efficiencies?

You think your model is right, processes in place and structures and people good. But are they? Who is telling you that? For a “devil’s advocate” look from an independent outsider, call us for that input.

I think my team is functioning efficiently but how can I be sure?

Let us meet your leadership team and operational team and see what each are really saying about each other. Is it functioning? Is it working? Do they work together? Is there any underlying currents working against your team or leadership group?

Should I be talking to financial analysts, factoring experts or someone else to help with cash flow management?

While we specialise in debt collection, some times what is needed is immediate cash flow. We know accredited and ethical factoring companies that can give your business that immediate cash flow while you wait for your customers to pay you. Ask us how this works and we can get you introduced immediately.

How much will this cost me?

Collection Consultancy Australia only charges commission on what is collected. The commission rate is agreed to prior to engagement after discussing the amount, age of the debt, what the debt is for and how many debts are to be lodged. There are no up-front fees, administration fees, on-going fees. If a search is needed to be done that costs, such as a property search, we will advise you first plus the cost and get your acceptance prior to doing anything. The same process is instigated with the legal process. You will never get a surprise invoice or cost that you did not fully know about. If you do, then you do not have to pay for it.

How long does the contract lock me in for?

Unlike phone contracts, the contract with Collection Consultancy Australia is an open term.  If you are not happy with our services, decide for whatever reason that you want to try something else then you are totally within your rights to look elsewhere.  We are banking on the fact that if we do a good job, at the right price you will want to stay with us .  Not because you are locked into a contract or because you have had to pay an upfront fee elsewhere.

Still have questions?

We’re available now – call, sms or email and solve your debt problems.

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