In the first Instance, Collection Consultancy Australia offers a wide and varied variety of consultancy offers around the debt collection, accounts receivable/cash flow management and sales areas that would fit anything from a sole trader through to Corporate divisions.

We offer an independent evaluation of your processes, efficiencies, policies, structure, results and can assist you in either recommending industry partners or assessing current performances.

Areas that we can analyse and offer advice or basic training are:

Debt Collection

How to do basic collections and understanding the NCCP regulatory laws. Is your team breaking any laws? Are they aware of privacy laws – and the extent of the fines should they break them? Note that the individual gets a fine and the Company can also be find over $100,000.

Cash Flow Management

Furthermore, we can offer advice on your current process and procedure or we can manage the whole process for you. With early day collection cycles, 0-30 days are extremely important and you need to focus on this. You also need expertise in making the process effective and reconciliation to stop any leakage of accounts not being actioned.


Is the structure of your operation correct? Are the processes right? Are the effective? Have us give you an independent assessment.

Legal services

Are your terms and conditions going to stand up if things go wrong? Do you have Terms and Conditions at all? If a customer will not pay and you have exhausted all options without going to court, do you have an accredited debt collection specialist lawyer available – and at what cost? We can assist in getting you professional help at the best costs available.

BPO Consultancy

If you are considering off shoring or call centre options, we can assist you with providing options and assessing your needs. We have a strong network of reputable contacts off shore in The Philippines and have been to the country and seen first-hand the quality of the operations.

Web site Terms

We can supply website terms and conditions for your business.  You legally need to have terms and conditions for your website covering all aspects of privacy so that both you and your clients are protected?

Debt Purchasing or Debt Sales

Finally, Greg Trappett was involved for over 8 years in the debt buying and selling industry in Australia. He worked closely with all of the major banks, Telco’s and knows the logistics, pricing, principles, what type of accounts are to be removed prior to sale, how the curves work and what multiples are required over what periods.


Privacy Policies.

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