Collection Consultancy Australia can work with you to make sure you have the right terms of trade (your business’s terms and conditions) so you can be better protected. You need to know who you are dealing and doing business with. So you need terms of trade so that if anything goes wrong you are better protected.  A hand shake will not help you!  A signed document will give you a lot better chance of getting monies owed to you.

You need clauses such as:

Price and Payment.  So that you will be paid, how you want to be paid, how you will be paid and when you will be paid.

Default and consequence.  So if someone does not pay you, there is “consequence”.  You can add interest, administration costs, debt collection agency costs and potentially legal costs.

PPSR (the Personal Property Security Register),  Using the PPSA (Personal Property Security Act) you can have clauses in your contracts that can make you a secured creditor.  And stop you from getting preferential payment claw back should a company go into liquidation.

Jurisdiction.  If things go wrong, make sure any action is at your local court house.  Not the court of your interstate based client.

These are just a few clauses that can help you to get paid.


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