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HR Manager In A Box - FAQ's

Our HR Manager In A Box is a templated system designed to provide businesses who don’t have the necessary resources, or the need, to employ a specific HR Manager.
HR Manager In A Box essentially replaces the need for a dedicated HR Manager by outlining and categorising all aspects of managing staff on an ongoing basis.
HR Manager In A Box is designed to be an off-the-shelf system that can be accessed as and when needed.

We have a complete breakdown of the exact categories and subcategories included in our HR Manager In A Box Facts Sheet available here but as a sample it includes,

  • Writing a Job Description
  • Advertising A Position
  • Interviewing Potential Candidates
  • Recruitment Process
  • Employment Applications
  • Employee Selection
  • Using Employment Agreements
  • Conducting Performance Reviews
  • And Terminating An Employee
HR Manager In A Box has been designed to be as simple as possible to use without the need for a steep learning curve and is ideal for business owners/office managers.
Yes, HR Manager In A Box is a complete templated system which is designed to provide access to each individual section of the system as and when needed.
HR Manager In A Box seeks to provide operational guidelines for businesses within the boundaries of the employment legislation. By following the system businesses can recruit and manage staff on an ongoing basis knowing that they operating within employment legislation guidelines limiting their potential liability.
Yes, HR Manager In A Box provides guidelines for a business to operate as a whole within the employment legislation. Employment Agreements formalise individual agreements between the employees and their employer.
Yes, our HR Manager In A Box includes an employment agreement to get the ball rolling.
The HR Manager In A Box Package comes with a choice between a Full Time, Part Time or Casual Employment Agreement.
Yes, Some businesses will have the need to utilise a couple of different types of Employment Agreements. For Instance, a business may have both Full Time and Part-Time Employees. In that instance, the business would require both a full-time and a part-time Employment Agreement.

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