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Protect Your Business When You
Terminate An Employee?

Setting the Rules For The Future Protection Of Your Business (2024)

Whilst Employment Agreements are important, the biggest area of risk comes for the ongoing management of an employee who believes they have been unfairly treated.

Whilst small to medium sized businesses don’t necessarily have the financial resources to employ a full time HR Representative, they quite often find themselves in difficult positions when it comes to the ongoing management of their employees. 

Human Resource Packages or Recruitment and Management Packages are designed to provide a templated process that a business can follow which ensures they navigate between the occasional employee storms.

Basic Key Process Designed to Protect Your Business

  • Outlining a Job Description
  • Advertising a Position
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Employment Applications
  • Employment Agreements
  • Conducting Performance Reviews
  • Business Restructuring
  • Employee Termination

Key Processes to Consider

Outlining a Job Description

Having a comprehensive and accurate job descriptions are very important for the smooth operation of the recruitment process. Having a job description in place and agreed to between the employee and the employer eliminates the possibility of misunderstanding especially at the time of termination. 

Advertising a Position

The Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986 is to ensure that an employer, in selecting an employee does not discriminate against applicants on any prohibited grounds. Having a templated system to follow ensure that businesses don’t unintentionally breach the Act when advertising for an employee.

Interviewing Techniques

Understanding what questions can be asked and what questions can’t be asked under the Act when conducting an interview is paramount. Our HR Package comes complete with Sample Letters, Interviewing Techniques, Interviewing Questions and even Sample Interview Forms. 

Employment Applications

Having templated letters when requesting applicants to attend interviews along with Application for Employment Forms makes the whole process very easy. Especially when it comes to obtaining consent for pre-employment background checks 

Areas of Risk - Quick Overview

Employment Agreements

Having a written Employment Agreement establishes a clear legal relationship between your business and your employees. Employment Agreements clearly states the Terms and Conditions of the Employees employment.

Conducting Performance Reviews

Having a step-by-step process when conducting Performance Reviews makes the whole process much easier. This includes who conducts the Interviews, when they should occur, the interview structure itself and finally the Performance Reviews and Auditing. 

Business Restructuring

Restructuring a business from an employee point of view can be complicated. Having a complete step by step process including common questions being asked of the employer, how to conduct the employee meetings, formal notifications, employee entitlements, handling employee feedback and possible obstacles can make the whole process much easier.

Employee Termination

Termination of employment is where most business run into difficulty. Giving appropriate notice and having the right tools including Certificates of Employment, Conducting Exit Interviews and Forms, and using Exit checklists can make the process easier.