Terms of Trade (Conditions)

Many SME business do not invest in having Terms and Conditions of trade (T&C’s) in place.  You insure your car, house and life, just in case.  But T&C’s insure your business and are basically a one off investment, not annually.  Yet most do not do get T&C’s done!  This means having payment terms or website terms.  You need to have a legally binding document and relationship with your client.

Make sure that you get paid and when you agree to get paid.  Ascertain that you have a clear legal relationship with your customer.  Collect your debts should things go wrong and be able to add costs, default your client and be in a position of strength.

Terms Of Trade Documents

It is essential that you have Terms and Conditions of Trade with your clients from day 1.  You need to know that what is agreed is documented and both parties are aware of what has been agreed to.  Don’t leave things to chance and have confidence that you can get your money when it is due.

Because every business is different, individually tailored terms and conditions are essential. Documentation supplied by Collection Consultancy Australia have been developed in conjunction with Australian legal practitioners. All documentation will include your logo. Specific information that your business requires and forms that will make your deals easy to finalise.

Terms & Conditions of Trade – Standard Terms & Conditions

Advantages of Terms and Conditions of Trade Documents

Having correct Terms and Conditions of Trade means:

Personalised Documents

Collection Consultancy Australia have a range of forms and documents for your business including:

Conditions and Regulations that are covered in our T&C’s include but are not limited to:

  1. Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA)
  2. Registering Security Interests
  3. Privacy Act 1988
  4. Fair Trading Acts
  5. Competition and Consumer Act
  6. Time limit for defects
  7. Title
  8. Recovery of Costs, Expenses and Interest

Our Terms of Trade templates are reviewed by an independent law firm. We are not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice and we recommend that you seek your own legal advice on the Terms of Trade contract.

If you require a specialised Terms of Trade contract, we can refer you to an independent law firm and they will provide you with any required legal advice.

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